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“Effective Execution Strategies for Integrated Planning and Assessment,” featuring Dr. Mark Morgan, Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness with Seminole State College.

While Strategic Planning, Accreditation, and Student Engagement have always been a challenge, COVID-19 has shaken and continues to challenge higher education to transform with unprecedented speed. University leadership is working to figure out how to bring students back safely while contending with declining enrollments and slashed budgets. This webinar will help you successfully navigate these challenges and provide a framework for rebuilding your Integrated Planning and Assessment processes.

For the past 10 years, under the direction of Dr. Mark Morgan, Seminole State College incorporated an innovative and disciplined approach to integrated planning and accreditation. A radical idea at the time, Dr. Morgan knew the importance of leveraging every department in institutional effectiveness and using technology to make informed data-driven decisions.

Learning Outcomes of this session

In this two-part session, Dr. Morgan will provide insights on:

  1. • How Seminole State College built their blueprint for success and created healthy Institutional Habits
  2. • The four main strategies Seminole State Collegeused to integrate Planning and Accreditation
  3. • Managing and documenting continuous improvement and Institutional Effectiveness, and the importance of linking Planning and Accreditation together
  4. • When to start preparing for Accreditation reviews, and best practices in preparing for them
  5. • The Metrics – Seminole State College's plan for connecting the dots between State Agencies, Federal Reporting, and Internal Reporting
  6. • Creating and reinforcing a campus-wide Culture of Accountability, Continuous Improvement, and promoting Student Engagement


About Dr. Mark Morgan

Dr. Morgan is the Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness at Seminole State College of Florida and Seminole State’s accreditation liaison for SACSCOC. Mark joined Seminole State in 2005 after serving as the director of quality improvement for Northrop Grumman at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Johnson Space Center in Texas.


Mark earned his doctorate from the University of Florida and is a graduate of the Florida Chancellor’s Leadership Seminar, a Presidential Scholarship recipient from the Association of Institutional Research’s Data and Decisions Academy, and a Graduate Faculty Scholar at the University of Central Florida.

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