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Planning in Times of Crisis and Beyond: A Conversation with SCUP and SPOL


SPOL in partnership with The Society for College and University Planning are co-hosting this complimentary, interactive webinar series planning for the new normal and beyond. Here’s a look at the sessions and what you’ll learn:


  1. That Didn’t Go as Planned: Reflections on Institutional Change During a Pandemic

Our experts discuss how institutions are living through the pivot and how scenario planning can fuel recovery.


  1. Reviving Your Strategic Planning Process

Learn how to plan through the pandemic by using this as an opportunity to reevaluate and reset priorities.


  1. Developing a Nimble and Change-Ready Planning Culture

You’ll learn how integrated planning can help develop a robust culture and take a deep dive into strategic, operational, continuity, and scenario planning.


  1. Partner Institution Case Studies

You’ll hear real-world examples from a SPOL/SCUP partner institution.


Our experts will be on hand to share insights and help you get the most out of your SPOL platform.

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