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Imagining your Post-Pandemic Future Leveraging Human and Technological Capital to Support Institutional Effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes of This Session

  1. Build an effective framework for integrative strategic planning for institutional effectiveness practice on campus
  2. Create a powerful vision with which all stakeholders feel connected and committed and know why their participation is important
  3. Identify what elements must be in place to establish a well-defined, integrated planning, accreditation, and assessment culture
  4. Share best practices for strategic planning accomplishments to provide evidence for accreditation assurance
  5. How SPOL's Diamond Supports the integrated planning process

One of the first steps in planning through a crisis is to examine your integrated planning portfolio. At SCUP, we advocate the discipline of integrated planning; namely, a sustainable approach to planning that builds relationships, aligns the organization, and emphasizes preparedness for change. The discipline of integrated planning sets the foundation from which institutions may form a robust planning portfolio that includes both routine and context-specific planning activities.

The staples of your planning portfolio are the institutional strategic plan and operational unit plans. These plans are typically developed and executed on regular cycles; namely, a five-year cycle for strategic plans and a yearly cycle for operational plans, aligned with resource allocation decisions and implementation of strategic initiatives. The strategic and operational plans serve as the base plans for institutional functioning.

Today, many institutions are challenged on two fronts, namely, identifying qualified staff to lead integrated planning efforts and acquiring technological solutions to support campus-wide integrated planning.

Our Featured Speakers

Nicholas R. Santilli, Ph.D. presently serves as the Senior Director for Learning Strategy for the Society for College and University Planning. In this role, he drives the development of learning content for individual practitioners and institutions looking to build the professional competencies of their faculty and staff. He is also the lead for the SCUP Planning Institute, the premier professional development program to create institutional capacity for integrated planning in higher education.

Larry Squarini serves as the Vice President of Product for Strategic Planning Online, (SPOL). In this role Larry is responsible for defining user needs and drives the development process forward with creative and pointed solutions. His proficiency in project management and product testing helps to ensure program stability and rapid resolution. Entering his twelfth year with SPOL, Larry has proven himself to be a valuable asset for us and our valued institutional partners alike.

Donna Valente serves as the Vice President of Sales for Strategic Planning Online, (SPOL). Donna brings two decades of leadership experience especially in the educational technology and e-learning markets. She works with university leaders to help identify institutional goals and implement technology strategies.

Donna has a business degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She also has a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) certificate from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI); the industry leader in accredited leadership coach training. 

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